What issues do small companies struggle with?

We’ve been running a survey into what holds companies back from performing as well as they would like.

We’ve now got over 100 responses to this so it’s worth sharing the headlines with you.

We’ve taken a balanced scorecard approach to this so in effect we’ve asked a headline Question around the major subject areas and then drilled down into each one.

Here are the headline findings.  People were asked about how well they handled a range of issues.  The scores they were asked to use were

  1. I really struggle with this
  2. It really needs improving
  3. It’s ok but needs some work
  4. I’m really on top of this

As you can see they all scored between 2 and 3 – the lower the score the worse the performance

business barriers

Business barriers in small comapanies

As you can see they feel most comfortable about their ability to cope with Visions and staff motivation issues and least optimistic about their ability to manage their cash and acquire and retain new customers.

We’ll present some of the more detailed findings soon.

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