Small Business Research

If you want to know how small companies can use IT and the Internet to improve their marketing and delivery you’ve come to the right place. We also cover workforce development, problems of business growth and what metrics work for a growing small business wanting to keep on track. Last but not least you might want to know something about marketing and branding.

Alan Rae and Lisa Harris have carried out numerous  research projects into how small companies use IT and the Internet to improve their marketing and delivery. We’ve looked at how early adopters have used the internet to promote themselves, established how companies used different ways to collaborate, what companies in supply chains do and how small companies actually integrate online and offline marketing and networking

Most recently we’ve done some commissioned research into what makes individuals trust one web site for a purchase rather than another.

This site presents examples of our work  and is a resource for small businesses themselves – and those who need to sell to or advise them.

If you would like to discuss a potential project please ring Dr Alan Rae on 0845 094 0407 or use the form to your left.

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